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Empowering People

Our core value of People influences not only how we treat our team members, but how we engage with the communities in which we operate. We take measures to understand our local impacts and the effects our products have on customers, consumers and the global economy.

Supporting educators, students, and our communities.

We believe educators can inspire students to pursue a world full of possibilities, and we know that education and a strong community are vital to the success of both society and innovative companies. That's why we partner with educators and community organizations to enrich our communities throughout the world.

Sustainability is built right in.

Everything we do is with community and environmental sustainability in mind.

We believe in taking action.

Our dedication to sustainable practices is exemplified by the clear, tangible action that we have taken to benefit our environment, our people, and our communities. Read our Sustainability Report to find out how the choices we're making today will help ensure we have the resources and talent we will need in the years ahead.